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FamilySmart™ Video Project
Child & Youth Mental Health Day
May 7, 2020

Child & Youth Mental Health Day is a national campaign led by FamilySmart to raise awareness for child and youth mental health and spread the message of the importance of caring throughout Canada. We are inviting you to film a short video to contribute to the campaign as a youth / young adult who cares about mental health. Please see below for details and reach out via email if you have any questions.

Click on the documents below to learn how to submit your own video.

I Care – Video Challenge



Impact of Caring

We have created this electronic postcard for you to send to someone you care about. Simply download the postcard and then use the white space in the middle of the heart to create your own message. You can use this electronic postcard to send to someone in your family, a teacher, or even someone you don’t know as the simple act of sending a caring message can have a big impact on someone. Send as many as you want – today, tomorrow and throughout this time. Your caring message will help bring joy to someone during this time.

Sample messages:
(Teacher) “I appreciate that you are making an effort to support my child during this transition.”
(Friend) “Thank you for checking in on me and asking how I am doing”
(Child) “I care about how you are feeling. If you would like to share your feelings with me I am here”

If you would like to share your messages please send a photo to or post them and tag us at @familysmartcda or FamilySmart and we will share them.

We encourage you to share this link with your friends and loved ones and encourage them to share a caring message. Please use #may7icare

In order to create your own message on the postcard, you can save it to your device/computer, use a word processor to write your message and then save it as a PDF or image to send.

Electronic Postcard