National Child & Youth Mental Health Day

Hosted by FamilySmart

Child & Youth Mental Health Day takes place on May 7, 2020. The theme this year is caring – how you show caring and what makes you feel cared for?

WHO WE ARE: FamilySmart® is a non-profit organization that comes alongside young people and families to provide support, navigation assistance and information and invites them and professionals to come alongside each other to learn with and from each other to enhance the quality of experiences and services for child and youth mental health. We’re Together-CentredTM because we know it enhances the mental health of children, youth and young adults.

Our Work

How we do this

We start early by providing parents, educators, and communities with resources to help create caring connections through caring conversations.

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What we do on Child & Youth Mental Health Day

On May 7th we promote the theme of “i care about you” to help build caring, connected relationships between kids and caring adults.

Since our first National Child & Youth Mental Health Day in 2007, we’ve engaged homes, schools, communities and businesses to promote the mental health of children and youth. Having discussions with children and youth about their mental health is important and we help with these conversations on May 7th.

This year, with your support, we want to reach even more people

We know that by intervening early, we can positively impact the mental health of children and youth in Canada.

On May 7th we ask young people to share their thoughts about caring and we share those with families and other caring adults in order to promote conversations that enhance the mental health of young people.